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DEATH AND TAXES – Arnold Quotes to Motivate You

Nothing is certain but death and Taxes We have all heard the phrase, however I wanted to go deep into one particular quote/interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger that I found to be truly inspirational. From my latest Foundation of Success, Arnold talks about how he owes a...

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Steph Curry’s Success – Implement these mindsets TODAY

Success is not an accident Like any successful person, many will assume that he is lucky to be in that position, has natural talent, didnt have to struggle to get in that position. We often make these judgements because it plays into the narrative we tell...

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Jordan Lawley

Blendlogic Designs Case Study @JLAWBBALL Jordan Lawley has trusted Blendlogic Design for over 5+ years to help grow his brand and services through digital technologies Services Marketing Consultations Website Designs Branding New Design Old Design Creative Process...

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Tom vs Time – Foundations of Success

Foundations of Success - Tom vs Time The second installment of the Foundations of Success series comes to you one month after the original installment. I have been busy the past days with client fulfillment, but I wanted to continue off the feedback and DM's that you...

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How to Watch Kobe Bryant Short Film ‘Dear Basketball’

Kobe Bryant Motivational Monday Right off the weekend of making my Motivational Monday Kobe video, Kobe does it again and dominates retirement. Kobe Bryant just won the oscars, amazing accomplishment and really just adds to his resume. I made a video inspired by a...

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Find Purpose – Robert Quinn Talks at Google

Main Video Preface Video Dr. Robert Quinn talk on Finding Purpose Hey guys, I wanted to preface the #MotivationalBlend Monday video with my thoughts on preparing content. Alot of other motivation platforms exist in which I gain inspiration and storyboard information...

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